The Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) has opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed acquisition by TeliaSonera AB (“TeliaSonera”) of Zitius Service Delivery Aktiebolag (“Zitius”) and Quadracom Networks AB (“Quadracom”). TeliaSonera owns and operates a nationwide copper-based network, parts of the fiber-based networks and is one of the largest providers of broadband services to customers in Sweden. Zitius is a communications operator managing and servicing fiber-based networks and Quadracom is a provider of various network services. The SCA’s preliminary investigation revealed that due to the horizontal overlaps in the parties businesses the proposed transaction raises competition concerns in the markets for communications operations and fiber-networks due to eliminating a significant competitive pressure on the market. Moreover, the SCA noted, the market investigation had raised concerns regarding the effects of TeliaSonera’s strengthened position on the market for network operation services on possible market entry of service providers. The SCA has until 10 June 2014 to decide whether to approve the transaction or initiate proceedings before the District Court. Source: Swedish Competition Authority Press Release 10/03/2014