On April 8th, 2015, the new Family Code of Nicaragua (the “Code”) came into force. It integrates into a single regulatory body all family laws of the country, extends the concept of family, and seeks for a more specialized and agile justice through oral, short and simple prosecutions.

Among the most relevant provisions of interest for business management are included:

  • Legal age: 18 years.
  • The rights and obligations for marriage are equalized for stable union relations.
  • Paternity leave for a spouse or a man partner of a stable union to: 5 days of paternity leave with right to salary, and without loss of any social benefits.
  • If a judge orders by judgment wage withholding, the employer is obliged to effect it and inform the applicant, sufficing only the presentation of the statement. Likewise, in cases of executions of living expenses obligations, it could seize the amounts received in wages, pensions, among other, or any other income including the minimum wage.
  • The form to valuate child support is determined in accordance with certain requirements established in the Code.
  • Older adults will have the right to access to a paid employment without prejudice to their older adult condition.

The Code also creates the National Family Prosecutor Office, as a special governmental office in charge of knowing, comment and rule all family matters submitted to it.