On December 4, 2013, Humana Insurance Company (Humana) entered into a Regulatory Settlement Agreement with the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration, the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and the Mississippi Insurance Department (the "Lead States") and other insurance regulators. 

The Lead States had alleged that Humana required employers who purchased small group medical insurance to also have purchased a group life insurance product. Humana and the Lead States agreed to a corrective plan that contains several notice and payment requirements. First, Humana will enhance compliance procedures and resources, particularly in regards to additional staffing and training, to improve its regulatory compliance. Second, Humana will communicate the fact that small group medical insurance sales may not be contingent upon a sale of life insurance products. Humana is to give notice to agents (within 60 days of the settlement agreement) and employers who have both the relevant medical and insurance coverage. Finally, Humana will establish an employer reimbursement program (containing a pool of $2.7 million) to provide a monetary settlement to employers who were sold medical insurance contingent upon purchase of life insurance. The Lead States will monitor compliance with the agreement.