Among the many advances resulting from the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012, one has been growing with Brazilian insurance companies: the “Principles for Sustainable Insurance” (“PSI”). Despite being a non-binding statement of intentions, the PSI is a roadmap for future legislation on the matter, and may also have immediate impact on business and society activities, depending on the manner they are implemented by Brazilian insurers. The four PSI principles state, in short, that all the adherent parties (1) will implement in their decision-making process, environmental, social and governance concerns; (2) will work together with clients and business partners to raise their awareness to such matters, to manage risks and develop solutions to those; (3) will work together with governments, regulators and other stakeholders to promote widespread action across society on such matters; and (4) will demonstrate accountability and transparency by means of regularly publicly disclosing their progress in implementing such principles. The application of such principles by insurers may have relevant impact to the market particularly if they are aimed at underwriting and investment policies. If the cost of an insurance policy for a certain project increases due to environmental risks, clients are likely to try to mitigate those risks to reduce insurance cost. Likewise, since Brazilian insurers hold huge savings that they are allowed to invest, to the extent that certain black-listed companies are ruled out of such investment lists, they would have an incentive to change their conducts that are against the PSI principles. That said, it should be stressed that due to the complex and extent regulations from the Brazilian insurance authorities -- i.e. the National Council for Private Insurance (Conselho Nacional de Seguros Privados - CNSP) and the Superintendence for Private Insurance (Superintendência de Seguros Privados - SUSEP) -- and the National Monetary Council (Conselho Monetário Nacional - CMN), any insurance company aiming to revise its internal policies to adopt the PSI principles should have any proposed changes revised in accordance to the existing legislation from such authorities.