Following a preliminary reference from a Greek Court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave its ruling (in case C-532/06) on questions raised concerning award criteria used in the assessment of a contract to carry out parts of a town planning project for the Municipality of Alexandrouplois. One of the questions raised concerned the lawfulness of including the tenderer's experience, manpower and equipment and ability to perform the contract by the anticipated deadline as part of the award criteria for the contract. The ECJ confirmed that such criteria may be taken into account as qualitative selection criteria earlier in the tender process to assess the ability of the tenderers but are not appropriate criteria for assessing the most advantageous bid and therefore may not be used as award criteria. A further question concerned the stipulation of weighting factors and sub-criteria in respect of the award criteria. On this point, the ECJ ruled that the principle of equal treatment requires that there be no discrimination in respect of award criteria, this requires that the weighting given to award criteria or sub-criteria must be stipulated in advance of bidders being invited to tender and may not be subsequently stipulated.