Minnesota home repair contractors have been busy during the past few years as homes have taken a beating from hail storms, twisters and other natural disasters.

A new law modifies a 2010 law relating to contracts for residential home repair, and it offers more consumer protection from “fly-by-night” contractors, including those from out of state, who compete for Minnesota contracts after storms or natural disasters.

The law will add siding contractors as well as roofing contractors to those prohibited from offering to pay for an insured’s deductible or to compensate an insured as an incentive to gain a contract. It also broadens the current law’s language regarding the types of inducements that contractors are forbidden from offering to property owners. It also gives the labor and industry commissioner authority to enforce the law.

Rep. Tim Sanders (R-Blaine) and Sen. Benjamin Kruse (R-Brooklyn Park) sponsor the law. HF1420/SF249*/CH63