Industry Partnerships started in 2005 by the Department of Labor & Industry to spur growth of like industries will become permanent if the General Assembly approves Senate legislation before the end of session on November 30, 2010.

Pennsylvania’s business community gave a push to the partnerships the week of October 11 at a press conference in Harrisburg.

“Industry Partnerships are one very important tool in our workforce development portfolio and are an initiative embraced by both candidates for Governor,” said David Patti, the President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council. “Industry Partnerships are an initiative that that we need to make permanent.”

The Industry Partnerships program brings together employers, educators and workforce representatives to ensure that workers and job-seekers are receiving the training they need to keep pace with the growing demands of Pennsylvania businesses. The program allows a cluster of businesses and organizations within a single industry to collaborate to identify and address common workforce needs.

Senate Bill 1409 awaits action on the Senate floor.