A formal Statement of Objections has been filed by the EC after conducting investigations against Sky UK and 6 Hollywood film studios including Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, and Disney for entering into anticompetitive agreements. The main concern leading to the investigation is whether American film studios have entered into agreement(s) with Sky UK broadcasters to prevent consumers from accessing content (streaming/online)from outside the home countries (Ireland and UK). Contracts currently limit viewers' ability to watch films and other content across different territories. EU competition law prevents companies from limiting their services across national borders within the Union. Concurrently, some agreements also contain clauses that require the studios to ensure that broadcasters outside the UK are precluded from making available their services in the UK and Ireland. The EC is of the opinion that these clauses grant ‘absolute territorial exclusivity’ to Sky UK and/or other broadcasters. They eliminate crossborder competition between pay-TV broadcasters and partition the internal market along national borders, thus seriously violating the EU competition law.