On February 6, 2010, Environment Canada published, in Part I of the Canada Gazette, notice of the response to comments received on the Proposed Agreement between Quebec and the Government of Canada to proceed to implement the Federal Pulp and Paper and Metal Mining regulations in Quebec.

One submission was received from the Québec Forest Industry Council. The Council requested that the Governments of Canada and Quebec enter into an equivalency agreement on the regulations applicable to the Quebec pulp and paper industry. Environment Canada’s response was that while section 10 of CEPA 1999 permits an equivalency agreement with a government which has jurisdiction under a given area, the Fisheries Act, under which the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations are enacted, does not provide such authority. In this regard, the response went on to say that both the Quebec Government and the Government of Canada consider that the draft agreement published in June 2009, which is aimed at implementing the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations under the Fisheries Act in Quebec, is a continuation of the federal-provincial cooperation intended to minimize, to the extent possible, the administrative duplication arising from their respective regulations.

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