The Supreme Court of Canada has declined to hear an appeal of an Ontario decision that left one of two parties who guaranteed a loan stuck for the entire obligation.

In doing so, the Supreme Court has let stand trial court and appeal court decisions that concluded if you guarantee a loan in partnership with somebody else and then, unilaterally, choose to pay it off in absence of a demand by the lender to do so, your co-guarantor will not be ordered to reimburse you for its share unless particular circumstances pertain.  

It has also let stand the Ontario Court of Appeal’s position that, unless a situation is dire, co-guarantors must work with each other to meet their obligations in a mutually satisfactory way.

All of this flows from the Supreme Court’s recent dismissal of an application by Can-Win Leasing (Toronto) Limited for leave to appeal Can-Win Leasing (Toronto) Limited vs. Rafael Moncayo

No reasons were given for the dismissal.