GreatPoint Energy Inc., with Suncor Energy Inc. as a development partner, is close to developing a plant in Alberta to test its technology which converts petroleum coke into natural gas. According to GreatPoint, the company and its partners are looking at constructing a plant at Suncor's northern Alberta oilsands site in order to test the technology. According to GreatPoint, the technology produces less carbon dioxide than natural gas production. Nearly 20,000 tonnes of petroleum coke is produced from the oilsands per day and this number is expected to double by 2015. GreatPoint, which calls its technology the Bluegas solution, is building a $33 million (US) plant to test a variety of feedstock.

The government of British Columbia will be providing $20 million to remote communities in the province to encourage and support sustainable clean energy systems. This clean energy program focuses on developing community-owned solutions. The program aims to provide funding for studies, design activities, capital costs and project management. Communities that take part in the programme will also have access to clean energy advisors.

$400,000 will be invested by the government of British Columbia to support plug-in electric vehicles and monitoring equipment for its fleet around the province. The funding will provide support for roughly 34 plug-in electric vehicles that operate around the province.