StarKist Co. and a class of consumers have filed a proposed settlement agreement for $12 million in a case alleging that the company underfilled its cans of tuna. Hendricks v. StarKist Co., No. 13-0729 (N.D. Cal., motion filed May 14, 2015). Under the agreement, StarKist will pay $8 million in $25-cash increments and provide $4 million in $50-vouchers for StarKist-branded products. The agreement indicates that “tens of millions of purchasers” are members of the class but predicts that “a claim rate of more than 5% will be difficult to achieve.” Thus, the amounts of the settlement allow for 80,000 voucher claims and 120,000 cash claims. “This is an excellent result for class members compared to their likely recovery should they prevail at trial,” the agreement stipulates.