Contracts relating to a real estate development in the municipality of Ede in the Netherlands were awarded in breach of the procurement rules, according to a recent reasoned opinion of the European Commission. Under contracts valued at around €140 million, the developer is to build a centre for commercial and social use, including a sports hall, parking spaces and 648 houses (60 of which would be for social housing). According to the Commission, the main object of the contracts was not the sale of land but the execution of public works and therefore the contracts should have been competitively tendered. In support of this view, the Commission cites that the municipality initiated the project, gave the developer a tailor-made building licence to construct and exploit the works and is paying for the sports hall and some of the parking places. It concludes that the municipality had a “direct economic benefit” from the contracts in accordance with the test established by the European Court of Justice in the Müller case (C-451/08).