On 2 February 2017, the Life Sciences in Scotland Industry Leadership Group ("LSS ILG") launched its new Life Sciences Strategy for Scotland. The strategy, titled 'Accelerating Growth, Driving Innovation', aims to grow the life sciences sector to £8 billion by 2025 and to expand the sector's role as a dynamic contributor to Scotland's economic growth.

A specific working group developed the strategy, members of which include the ILG Industry Chair, Dave Tudor, who also made the announcement and representatives from various life sciences subsectors.

The strategy builds upon LSS ILG's 2011 vision, 'Creating Wealth and Promoting Health' and is underpinned by four strategic themes: Business Environment, Innovation and Commercialisation, Sustainable Production and Internationalisation. It aims to respond to emerging global trends, such as the proliferation of chronic diseases, and to exploit the markets and opportunities that these new challenges are creating, from patient empowerment through the development of digital technologies, to advances in big data and genomics which are improving precision medicine in both animals and crops.