On July 1st, California and Massachusetts will join the rising number of states that require their employers to provide paid sick leave. The California law requires that all employees accrue paid sick leave if they work at least 30 days in the state. The Massachusetts law mandates that employers with more than 11 employees in the state must provide paid sick leave (employers with 10 or fewer employees must still allow them to take unpaid sick leave). An employer can rely on its existing sick leave or paid time off policy to comply, but only if the policy meets the laws’ minimum requirements, which include state-specific notice, accrual, use, and carryover rules. Unfortunately, each law contains its own nuances, and many sick leave and paid time off policies intended for an employer’s entire workforce may not meet the minimum requirements for employees in both states. With the July 1st effective date rapidly approaching, employers with employees in California and Massachusetts should review their sick leave policies now to allow time to make any necessary changes before it is too late.