Senior Taiwanese government official

A former legislator and top official in Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou’s government, Mr Lin Yi-shih, has admitted to receiving NT$63 million (US$2.15m) in bribes.

Mr Lin Yi-shih allegedly accepted the bribes from the owner of a company in the southern city of Kaohsiung two years ago in return for helping the company secure a slag treatment contract from a government-controlled steel firm.

Mr Yi-shih initially denied the allegations, arguing that they amounted to a political setup. However, he later confessed following an interrogation by prosecutors.

In a statement, Mr Yi-shih communicated his regrets over his wrongdoing, stating: “I have set an extremely negative example, admit and have remorse for my mistakes, and sincerely apologise to society”.

Mr Yi-shih is willing to face trial and legal punishment and indicated that he would return all the illegal gains to the authorities and pledged to devote himself to charity in the future to demonstrate his repentance.

If convicted, Mr Yi-shih could face a minimum of 10 years imprisonment.