A federal district court has taken under advisement plaintiff’s motion for injunction and defendant’s cross-motion to compel arbitration after conducting a hearing on the matter. The issue to be decided is whether CX can compel Trenwick to participate in an arbitration based upon a reinsurance agreement as to which CX was not a party and which, according to Trenwick, was terminated. At the core of this dispute is a reinsurance agreement under which Trenwick reinsured Commercial Casualty Insurance Company. CX argued the reinsurance agreement included a “cut-through” provision which gave CX the right to collect directly against Trenwick even though CX was not a party to the reinsurance agreement. Trenwick denied liability under this cut-through provision and further denied that the cut-through provision gave its beneficiaries, including CX, any rights under the agreement’s arbitration clause. Additionally, Trenwick argued that the reinsurance agreement was terminated further to a commutation agreement between Trenwick and CCIC’s Liquidator and, as a result, terminated any rights CX may have had under the cut-through provision and any requirement to arbitrate CX’s claims. CX responded that it was not a party to the commutation agreement, which could therefore not extinguish CX’s right to arbitrate. CX also argued that Trenwick’s termination defense must be arbitrated. Trenwick America Reinsurance Corp. v. CX Reinurance Company Limited, Case No. 3:13-cv-01264 (JBA) (USDC D. Conn. Apr. 28, 2014).