Flurry of Guidance on Same-Sex Spouse Benefit. While the governmental agencies got off to a slow start issuing benefit-related guidance after the Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, the IRS and DOL have provided useful guidance this month. Check out our Benefits InSight blog for more detailed information on this guidance.

Many Health Plan Notices Are Due Soon. As many health plans approach open enrollment season, it is also the season for providing many required health plan notices. For example, plans that provide prescription drug coverage must provide the annual notice of creditable coverage to participants who are Medicare Part D eligible no later than October 15th. All group health plans must provide an updated Summary of Benefits & Coverage no later than the date they provide their annual enrollment materials. Self-insured group health plans must provide a revised Notice of Privacy Practices no later than November 21st (with some transition relief for plans that don't send an annual mailing between September 23rd and November 21st). These are just a few of the notices that health plans are required to send.