According to a news source, The National Advertising Division (NAD)—an investigative unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus—has recommended that InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc., discontinue claims that its Zychrome® dietary supplements promote healthy insulin levels.

Evidently, claims made by InterHealth for its Zychrome® chromium compound, also known as chromium dinicocysteinate (CDNC), were challenged by Nutrition 21, LLC, which manufactures a competing chromium picolinate product, called Chromax®. Among other things, InterHealth claimed that its product is (i) “the only form of chromium clinically shown to be twice as effective as chromium picolinate for managing insulin levels”; (ii) “2x more effective than chromium picolinate in improving insulin function;” (iii) “the most effective chromium to date”; (iv) “more effective than other chromium compounds for modulating glycemic parameters”; and (v) preferred by 88 percent of diabetic educators over chromium picolinate for insulin management.

According to NAD, InterHealth made its claims based on a single study “in which differences between the Chromax and Zychrome groups did not reach statistical significance for any variable measured and did not rely on head-to-head test results to support its comparative efficacy claims.” NAD recommended that Inter- Health discontinue the claims at issue. See ASRC News Release, April 23, 2013.