The European Commission has announced that it may bring France before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for a second time over nitrate levels in certain waterways, and seek heavy fines. In 2001, the ECJ ruled that France had failed to comply with the Surface Water Directive, 75/44/EEC, because some waterways in Brittany exceeded the maximum nitrate level of 50mg/l. The Commission contends that France has still not complied with the judgment, since nitrate levels remain above the legal limit in 11 rivers in Brittany that are sources of drinking water. If the Commission launches legal proceedings against France, it will seek a lump sum fine of EUR 28 million and a daily fine of EUR 117,882. Before bringing any legal action, however, the Commission has allowed France the opportunity to put forward a plan to comply with the judgment and reduce nitrate levels, a process which could take several months.