The Second Circuit Court of Appeals today allowed a False Claims Act case brought by two whistleblower relators, represented by a team of Hodgson Russ attorneys led by me and my colleague Daniel C. Oliverio, and including Reetuparna Dutta, to proceed against DHL. In this case, the relators allege that DHL violated the FCA by improperly applying jet fuel surcharges to government shipments that it transported solely by ground. DHL’s motion to dismiss had been granted by the trial court on the basis of a 180-day “contest” provision in the transportation law. In vacating that dismissal, the Second Circuit ruled that the False Claims Act’s seal requirements and statute of limitations trump the contest provision, stating that “the 180-day rule cannot apply to a qui tam action under the FCA.” The action, United States ex rel. Grupp and Moll v. DHL Express (USA), Inc., will proceed in the Western District of New York.