The Ministry of Health has recently announced that the National Health IT Board will, from 12 August 2016, be replaced with a new digital advisory group.  The National Health IT Board was established to provide strategic leadership on information systems across the health and disability sector. 

While aspects of the operation of the digital advisory group are yet to be finalised, such as governance arrangements and work programme, we presume that many of the policies of the National Health IT Board will remain in place.

One such policy is the Board's policy on Use of cloud or hosted services for managing health informationUntil recently, this policy provided that health care providers could not store health information on cloud servers located overseas without first getting an exemption from the Board.  However the policy now lists a number of cloud computing products and services that have been approved by the Ministry of Health as being appropriate for storing health information.  IT vendors are also able to apply to the Ministry to have their products and services accepted for this purpose.