The Annual Report of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) for 2013/14 was published in November with chapter seven devoted to a report on privacy compliance.

Some interesting statistics were as follows:

  • Privacy complaints increased by 183.3% (from 1,496 to 4,239).
  • 47.8% of complaints related to credit reporting.
  • The four organisations about which the largest number of complaints were received were:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection; 904

Veda Advantage Information Services & Solutions; 484

Cbus Superannuation; 340

ANZ Bank; 104

  • After credit reporting, by far the largest number of complaints related to use and disclosure (1,824), and security of personal information (1,121).
  • Of the complaints closed:

64.7% were closed without investigation.

24.5% were closed after preliminary inquiries.

10.8% were closed after investigation.

62.1% were found not to be an interference with privacy.

  • Compensation provided following complaints was:

Up to $1,000; 14

$1,001 to $5,000; 18

$5,001 to $10,000; 9

Over $10,000; 8

The OAIC received 71 voluntary data breach notifications, an increase of 16.4%.