According to the Ontario Securities Commission's website, the OSC intends to publish a rule for comment next month to address electronic trading and direct electronic access to marketplaces. While the OSC's website doesn't provide specifics on the proposed rule, the OSC Market Regulation Branch provided some information in its Annual Report of October 2010. Specifically, the Annual Report stated that the CSA and IIROC were examining issues relating to direct market access (DMA) and developing a proposal to address risks associated with electronic trading (such as market risk, and credit risk), DMA and other issues associated with technology. Other issues cited in the report include high frequency trading, co-location and outsourcing.

Meanwhile, IIROC's Market Regulation Policy Quarterly Update of October 2010 also noted the work of the CSA and IIROC and added that the regulators were taking into account emerging issues relating to high frequency trading, co-location and outsourcing as well as regulatory initiatives in the US and elsewhere, including, modified NASDAQ Rule 4611 and the SEC’s Proposed Rule 15c3-5. According to the update, the principles contained in the Consultation Report on Direct Electronic Access, published by the Technical Committee of IOSCO in February 2009 and those contained in Principles for Direct Electronic Access to Markets, the Final Report of the Technical Committee of IOSCO, issued in August 2010 will also inform the policy development process.