ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved a new domain name suffix .XXX to be used for the adult entertainment community.  Businesses not in the adult entertainment industry may find their names the unwanted targets of some of these websites.  Internet scams abound with some using the names and products of others to drive traffic to their sites. Don't let your business fall victim to this type of infringing activity. For a few short weeks, businesses have a unique opportunity to preemptively block the unauthorized use of registered trademarks from being associated with a .XXX domain.

From now through October 28, 2011, trademark owners of US or foreign trademark registrations may register their trademarks with a participating registrar to block use as a .XXX domain name.  Beginning December 6, when .XXX domain names become generally available to the adult entertainment community, businesses with unregistered names or names registered at only the state level will be able to file registrations to protect their intellectual property.