On Monday, September 25 of this year, government authorities announced the online issuance service of the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses (DIGESTYC), through the miempresa.gob.sv platform, with the possibility of performing the procedure as it has been done previously.

The dematerialization of the process, online payment, reduction of costs, elimination of certain requirements, and reduction of waiting time are some of the benefits intended to be achieved by making this service available to companies.

The procedure is simple; first you must enter the website and create a profile, each user of the service must have one; later, enter the data of the company from which it is desired to obtain solvency; scan and upload the balance and NIT of the company; and, finally, make the corresponding payment.

DIGESTYC, in order to perform its statistics, needs to have a sample of information not contained in the documents uploaded to the platform, so it is possible that they may require additional documentation once the process is completed.