IP Australia has announced that it will update its fees in relation to patents and trade marks from 10 October 2016. Owners of trade marks that are due for renewal by 7 October next year can reduce renewal charges by renewing those trade marks by 7 October this year (7 October 2016). As the renewal fees will increase by $100 per class to $400 per class, trade mark owners can make significant savings where they have a number of trade marks due for renewal by 7 October 2017.

As trade marks cannot be renewed more than 12 months before their expiry date, trade marks falling due for renewal after 7 October 2017 will not be able to benefit from early payment.

You should also be aware that IP Australia has changed its fee structure for dealing with trade mark applications. The new fee structure will come into effect on 10 October 2016. The key changes are:

  1. an increase in the standard (no pick list) trade mark application fee from $200 to $330 per class;
  2. the removal of registration fees from the schedule of charges.

The above changes mean that applicants will pay a higher charge for applications filed on and from 10 October 2016. They will, however, benefit from the abolition of registration fees payable in relation to applications that are able to proceed to registration. This will mean that successful applicants for trade mark registration will pay overall a lower fee than would be charged under the current system.