NYSE Arca, Inc. received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission for its proposal to amend its Minor Rule Plan (MRP) and make other related changes to its rulebook. The MRP-related amendments will make several new trading and recordkeeping rules eligible for MRP disposition and will modify the existing Recommended Fine Schedule (in Rule 10.12(k)). The amendments will, among other things, also modify NYSE Arca Rule 11.1 so that options trading permit holders (OTP Holders) will now be under an obligation to at all times comply with “fair and equitable principles of trade”. This is a departure from the current “just and equitable principles of trade” standard in Rule 11.1. Further, the amendments will expand the scope of Rule 11.18 (regarding supervision) to require all OTP Holders, and not just those for whom NYSE Arca acts as Designated Examining Authority, to be subject to the supervisory requirements in the NYSE Arca rules.