Herewith below selected highlights in the Customs and Excise environment since our last instalment:

  1. Amendments of Rule 49A to the Customs and Excise Act, No 91 of 1964, per Government Notice R.1874 of 8 December 1995 relating to the SADC EPA states of the one part and the European Union and its member states of the other part and substitution of the following forms: DA 185, DA 185.4A2, DA 185.4A7, DA 185.4A11, DA 185.4B9 and DA 185.4B10 (with effect from 10 October 2016).
  2. The SARS: Customs Processing Division has issued a communication regarding submissions which may be made regarding repetitive stops of cargo. A minimum of 5 cases must be provided for the same trader, country of origin, supplier, commodity and tariff heading where no contraventions were detected.