As of July 1, 2008, the Multi-Residential Billing System and Rate Structure for Bulk Collection came into effect. Since that time, condominium corporations located in the City of Toronto have found the current volume-based rate system difficult to understand, and many condominium corporations have switched to private garbage pick up.  

As a result of the ongoing complaints and feedback from many multi-residential customers, the City of Toronto has made changes to the multi-residential billing system and rate structure effective July 1, 2010.  

As of July 1, 2010, the new linear rate structure is based on a standard upfront service fee of $175.00 for the collection of the 1.704 cubic yards un-compacted garbage and 0.852 cubic yards compacted garbage (base volume) at a cost of $175.00 per unit per year. Excess garbage volume above the base garbage volume will be charged a standard cubic yard fee of $12.81 for un- compacted garbage and $25.63 for compacted garbage. A rebate of $175.00 per unit per year will be allocated to City of Toronto customers participating in the City’s Solid Waste Collection Program. The compaction ratio, under the new rate structure and billing system reflects a 2:1 compacted to un-compacted ratio for garbage volume.  

The City hopes that this new rate structure is more transparent, easy to understand and will simplify the reconciliation of condominium corporations lift records with the City’s waste bill. It is intended that the new system will also allow condominium corporations to easily identify excess waste volume (above the base rate) in an effort to obtain financial savings and plan for increased diversion efforts. Recycling, organics, bulky and scrap metal items, yard waste, household hazardous waste and waste electronics and equipment collection are still included at no additional charge.