The new Tax Code (Decree No. 170-2016), which entered into force on January 1, 2017, grants exoneration for taxpayers to comply with their formal or material tax obligations. Taxpayers are released from the payment of fines, charges and surcharges caused by non-compliance with determinative, informative and customs declarations that have been omitted until October 31, 2016, excluding the obligations generated by the Sales Tax. This amnesty will expire on June 30, 2017.

However, the General Provisions of the General Budget of Revenues and Expenditures of the Republic 2017 (Decree No. 171-2016) grants amnesty to taxpayers in order to comply with their formal tax obligations or material obligations arising from the sales tax, and releases them from the payment of fines, charges and surcharges caused up to December 31, 2016 relating to the sales tax (Annual Declaration and Monthly Declaration of Credit of Sales Tax), Monthly Statement of Withholdings, Informative Declaration of Tourist Rates, Notification of Fiscal Domicile Update, Administrative Notifications and customs corrective declarations caused by the misuse of the Temporary Import Regime for agro industrial companies. This amnesty expires on March 31, 2017.