Allergens in catering survey: The FSA and Allergy UK have surveyed the experiences of consumers with allergies when eating out.  View >

Bisphenol A: EFSA to assess new research suggesting adverse impact on immune systems. 

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Contract terms and conditions: The Chartered Institute of Trading Standards has responded to the recent BIS consultation. View >

Neonicotinoid pesticides: Friends of the Earth have criticised a call by NFU on DEFRA to authorise their use on oil seed rape seeds. View >

Cutting red tape review: The Association of Convenience Stores has called on Government to do more to cut Local Authority red tape, including removing requirement to advertise licensing changes in the press. View >

German retailer self-regulation regarding plastic bags to enter into force: German retailers have signed up to a voluntary obligation to charge consumers for plastic bags in order to avoid government regulation and the imposing of mandatory levies. The obligation will come into force on 1 July 2016 and is aimed at achieving compliance with EU plastic bag directive 2015/720/EU. About 260 companies representing 60 % of the total volume of plastic bag consumption are currently participating in the initiative. 

Cigarette packaging in Germany now to include “shock warnings”: Germany has passed new legislation regarding the packaging of and use of additives in tobacco products. From 1 May 2016, two thirds of any cigarette packaging will be reserved for a combination of boldly printed consumption warnings and warning photographs, illustrating the adverse health effects of smoking. The new Act will also prohibit the use of certain additives in both traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes.