Public School Funding (HB6 (link is external)) The House passed HB6 this week which will create a task force to study and recommend changes to the State's school funding formula. Two amendments to increase diversity of the task force failed on the floor. Representative C. Graham (D-Roberson) ran an amendment to require more members of the minority party be appointed to the task force, while Representative Insko (D. Orange) ran an amendment that would require cultural and ethic diversity.

Partisan Judicial Elections (HB100 (link is external)) A bill that would require the political party of a judicial candidate be listed on the ballot passed the House this week after a heated debate on the floor.

Secretary Hall Confirmation Hearing The Senate Insurance and Commerce Committee held two meetings this week to evaluate Military and Veteran Affairs Secretary Larry Hall this week. Secretary Hall was not in attendance at either meeting sparking controversy. The Committee moved to issue a subpoena to Secretary Hall to attend a future meeting.

HB2 Repeal (HB186 (link is external)) Representative McGrady filed a bipartisan bill this week that addresses the controversial HB2. The bill would repeal HB2 while limiting the ability of local governments to pass nondiscrimination ordinances among other measures.

Teacher Pay On Monday Governor Cooper announced that, in an effort to raise teacher pay to the national average in the next five years, his budget calls to increase teacher pay by 5 percent over the biennium.

Bills Filed

House Bills

H136 (link is external)

Lower Compulsory Attendance Age From 7 to 6.

H137 (link is external)

Study HRC Fair Emp. Practice Agency Status.

H138 (link is external)

Revise Gang Laws.

H139 (link is external)

Mental Health Workers' Bill of Rights.

H140 (link is external)

Dental Plans Provider Contracts/Transparency.

H141 (link is external)

Maintenance Bond for Subdivision Roads.

H142 (link is external)

Increase Oversight of OLBs.

H143 (link is external)

Sanford Occupancy Tax.

H144 (link is external)

Credit Union/Trust Institution Changes.

H145 (link is external)

Repeal Const. Reg. of Concealed Weapons.

H146 (link is external)

Citizen's Allegiance to U.S. Constitution.

H147 (link is external)

Amend NC Constitution - Remove Secession.

H148 (link is external)

Amend NC Constitution - Literacy Requirement.

H149 (link is external)

Students W/Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

H150 (link is external)

Standards for Chiropractic Peer Review.

H151 (link is external)

Stanly Cty/Economic Development Commission.

H152 (link is external)

Hate Crime/Increase Scope & Penalty.

H153 (link is external)

Filling Vacancy/Onslow County Board of Comm.

H154 (link is external)

Gastonia Charter Revisions.

H155 (link is external)

Modify Educator Licensure Requirements.

H156 (link is external)

Eyeglasses Exemption From Medicaid Capitation.

H157 (link is external)

Certifying Question Mechanism.

H158 (link is external)

Special Assessments/Critical Infrastructure.

H159 (link is external)

Charter School TSERS Election.

H160 (link is external)

Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits/Judges.

H161 (link is external)

Divestment From Companies That Boycott Israel.

H162 (link is external)

Amend Administrative Procedure Laws.

H163 (link is external)

Enact Right to Life at Conception Act.

H164 (link is external)

Check-Off Donation: Cancer Screening.

H165 (link is external)

Citizens Review Boards Established.

H166 (link is external)

School Calendar Flexibility/Cleveland County.

H167 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Franklin County.

H168 (link is external)

Study/Damage From ATV Use.

H169 (link is external)

Kappa Alpha Psi/Special Plate Fee.

H170 (link is external)

Pilot/Sports for Students With Disabilities.

H171 (link is external)

Change Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems.

H172 (link is external)

Include Solar Property as Nonsystem Property.

H173 (link is external)

Revisions to Outdoor Advertising Laws.

H174 (link is external)

Concealed Carry/Church School Prop.

H175 (link is external)

DEQ/Emphasize Urban Envt'l Issues.

H176 (link is external)

Pensions Integrity Act of 2017.-AB

H177 (link is external)

Eliminate Second Primaries.

H178 (link is external)

Expand Human Relations Commn. EEOC Authority.

H179 (link is external)

Dog Breeding Stds./Law Enforcement Tools.

H180 (link is external)

Nat. Guard Reemployment Rights/Arbitration.

H181 (link is external)

First Responders Act of 2017.

H182 (link is external)

Leadership Term Limits.

H183 (link is external)

Retirement Admin. Changes Act of 2017.-AB

H184 (link is external)

Certain Towns/Sewer Fee Collections.

H185 (link is external)

Legalize Medical Marijuana.

H186 (link is external)

Repeal HB2/State Nondiscrimination Policies.

H187 (link is external)

Modernize Physical Therapy Practice.

H188 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Certain Systems.

H189 (link is external)

Search & Rescue Name/Funds.

H190 (link is external)

Local Firefighter Relief Fund Eligibility.

H191 (link is external)

2017 House UNC Board of Governors Election.

H192 (link is external)

Establish Music Therapy Practice Act.

H193 (link is external)

Legislative Four-Year Terms.

H194 (link is external)

SBCC Elections.

H195 (link is external)

Visual Record/LEO Interrogation of Suspect.

H196 (link is external)

Zip Lines/Challenge Courses/Sanders' Law.

H197 (link is external)

Study/Distracted Driving & Road Rage.

Senate Bills

S112 (link is external)

24th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S113 (link is external)

Credit Union/Trust Institution Changes.

S114 (link is external)

Annual Report Modernization.

S115 (link is external)

Proctorville/Sewer Fee Collections.

S116 (link is external)

Auto Insurance/Protect Lienholders.

S117 (link is external)

Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits/Judges.

S118 (link is external)

Special Assessments/Critical Infrastructure.

S119 (link is external)

Pisgah Conservancy Special Registration Plate.

S120 (link is external)

Sec. Military/Veterans Affairs Confirmation.

S121 (link is external)

Supreme Court Bicentennial Celebration.

S122 (link is external)

Repeal Centerville Charter.

S123 (link is external)

Release of LEO Recordings.

S124 (link is external)

LEO Managed CBD Oil Drop Box.

S125 (link is external)

Children of Wartime Veterans Modifications.

S126 (link is external)

Change the LOST Adjustment Factor.

S127 (link is external)

1st Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S128 (link is external)

Kappa Alpha Psi/Special Plate Fee.

S129 (link is external)

Track Outcomes of Veterans Programs.

S130 (link is external)

Provide Funding/NC Military Business Center.

S131 (link is external)

Regulatory Reform Act of 2016.

S132 (link is external)

12th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

For more information, contact the Brooks Pierce Government Affairs Team, linked below.