As we enter autumn there is an expected spike in advertising material for two events, Organic September and Halloween. While these events are distinct from one another, they are both subject to strict regulations enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 


With Halloween fast approaching, the ASA receives a rise in complaints about scary imagery and inappropriate advertising. Advertisers are warned not to cause undue fear and distress to the audience, and to ensure that any Halloween-themed ads are targeted appropriately.

For more guidance on creating Halloween themed ads, click here


The term “organic” seems to be thrown around more and more in food advertising, and the ASA has issued a warning to advertisers that use the term to describe its products. Any advertiser that wishes to claim a product is “organic” must be able to provide documentary evidence that the product comes from farmers, importers or processors that:

  •  follow the standards prescribed in Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007
  •  are subject to regular inspections, and
  •  are registered with an official certification body

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