According to anEPA PowerPoint(PDF:358KB) obtained by Greenwire, the Agency is completing its scientific review of the human health and climate dangers from greenhouse gas emissions, after which it will submit its findings for formal interagency review. The review was prompted by Massachusetts v. EPA (PDF:509KB), in which the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to determine whether greenhouse gas emissions endanger the public health and welfare. In connection with the review, EPA is evaluating arguments that climate change will cause a variety of problems, including more intense heat waves; more regional ozone pollution; increased storms, floods, droughts and fires; and changes in disease patterns. EPA appears to be attempting to limit its endangerment finding to emissions from new automobiles that are regulated under Section 202 of the Clean Air Act. It is likely, however, that EPA`s endangerment finding will trigger a cascade of new regulations under sections of the Clean Air Act if the limitation is challenged.