On February 8, OFAC settled with a London-based financial institution for alleged violations of the Zimbabwe Sanctions Regulations, 31 C.F.R. part 541 (ZSR). The financial institution agreed to pay $2,485,890 for processing 159 transactions to or through financial institutions located in the United States for or on behalf of corporate customers of the financial institution’s Zimbabwean subsidiary that were owned, directly or indirectly, 50% or more by a customer identified on OFAC’s SDN List. According to OFAC, the financial institution relied on the subsidiary’s electronic customer records and documentation to perform cross-border transactions screenings and sanctions-related customer screening. Due to deficiencies in the subsidiary’s electronic customer system and its “Know Your Customer” procedures, neither the financial institution nor its subsidiary detected certain customers as blocked persons – under Executive Order 13469 of July 25, 2008 – on the SDN List and “continued to process [U.S. Dollar] transactions for or on their behalf to or through the United States in apparent violation of the ZSR.” OFAC determined that the company did not voluntarily self-disclose the apparent violations, and that the apparent violations constitute a non-egregious case. In determining the settlement amount, OFAC found the following to be mitigating factors: (i) the financial institution had not received a penalty notice or Finding of Violation in five years preceding the earliest date of the transactions giving rise to the apparent violations; (ii) the financial institution took remedial action in response to the apparent violations; and (iii) the financial institution substantially cooperated with OFAC’s investigation. In addition, OFAC “considered the fact that the prohibited entities were not publicly identified or designated and included on the SDN List at the time that Barclays processed transactions for or on their behalf.”