The UK and France have set up a joint data task force to help businesses in both countries make better use of data and provide consumers with more control over the information that businesses hold about them.

The new taskforce will support the growing digital sector and help unlock £42 billion of untapped economic growth across the European Union. In recent years data-driven innovation has become one of the main new sources of global economic growth, with access to ‘big data’ becoming main assets in entering new markets as well as creating significant economic advantages.

The taskforce has agreed specific objectives to:

  • enhance UK-France cooperation on open data where the UK is a world-leader in making government data available for public use, including by tech entrepreneurs;
  • establish a set of principles for improving SMEs’ use of data and data science to develop new services/compete with larger players (SME's make up over 99% of UK and French private sector businesses); and
  • look at ways to provide greater consumer control of data and improved data portability - where UKand France are market leaders and make recommendations to promote greater competition between new entrants and established data-based service providers.

To read the UK Government's press release, please click here.