On March 12, 2009, the federal government amended the existing Exclusion List Regulations, 2007 and issued the new Infrastructure Projects Environmental Assessment Adaptation Regulations (the Infrastructure Regulations), both under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Designed to streamline the environmental approvals process for infrastructure projects, these regulatory changes will be in effect until March 2011. Specific classes of projects, which the federal government expects to fund under its Building Canada plan, have been added to the Exclusion List, thereby exempting projects in these classes from the requirements to undergo a CEAA environmental assessment, should one otherwise be required. And under the Infrastructure Regulations, the Minister of the Environment may allow a project proponent to forgo the CEAA process if a provincial process is also applicable, even while the federal minister retains decision-making authority regarding the assessment. However, such authority can be exercised only if the provincial process meets certain prescribed requirements related to the content of the assessment and public participation.