On December 15, 2009, the CAFC affirmed the CIT’s decision in Agro Dutch Industries Ltd. v. United States, in which the CIT ordered reliquidation of certain entries of preserved mushrooms imported into the United States by Plaintiff Agro Dutch Industries (Agro Dutch). The case involved the inadvertent liquidation of the subject entries during a grace period between the date the CIT issued an injunction against liquidation and the effective date of the injunction. The CAFC agreed with the CIT in rejecting the US Government’s position that Agro Dutch’s challenge was rendered moot because the inadvertent liquidation occurred during this grace period. The CAFC further rejected the Government’s reliance on SKF USA Inc. v. United States and Zenith Radio Corp. v. United States, in which the CAFC held that liquidation of the entries rendered the case moot and reliquidation was therefore barred. The CAFC noted an injunction had not been issued in SKF. The CAFC also dismissed the contention that Zenith supported the Government’s position because it found there were exceptions to the Zenith rule that were applicable in this case. The CAFC held that the five-day grace period between when the injunction was issued and when it took effect was not intended to authorize liquidation of imported entries before the injunction took effect. Rather, it was to protect CBP officials from being subject to contempt sanctions for inadvertently liquidating entries.