South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton has announced a full, independent investigation in to the force’s handling of the abuse scandal which has hit Rotherham. The announcement comes following the Labour party’s suspension of four Rotherham councillors.

When announcing the enquiry Chief Constable Crompton stated, “A fully independent and impartial investigation is required to ensure that people have confidence that organisations or any individuals will be investigated fairly, rigorously and with complete impartiality.”

The purpose of the investigation is to scrutinise the role of both the police and the council’s role in allowing the abuse of 1400 individuals to continue. The investigation will allow “appropriate action to be taken”. Whether this action will demand resignations of those at the top remains to be seen. Crompton did not, however, announce who will head up the investigation.

Crompton further stated that the force must give victims the confidence to come forward in the knowledge that they will be listened to and provided with support.

This week is not a good one for South Yorkshire Police. Monday night’s Panaroma investigated the grooming and sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham. Chief Constable Crompton faced the Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday following a row which sparked when the BBC broke the news of the search of Cliff Richard’s home. The Chief Constable has already had questions put to him by the head of the Committee, Keith Vaz MP in anticipation of today’s meeting.