Holmes Place and one of the world’s leading lift fi rms, ThyssenKrup Elevator UK, have each been fi ned £233k. Despite repeated problems with a lift at the Broadgate Circle branch of Holmes Place, it remained in use at the site. On 12 March 2003, the lift caused the death of Katarzyna Woja when the doors trapped her as she attempted to get out of the lift, which then dropped causing fatal crush injuries. The Prosecution argued that both Holmes Place and ThyssenKrup ignored numerous warning signs that something was seriously wrong with the lift, with 41 separate call outs for the lift noted between 7 January 2002 and 11 March 2003. The court heard from experts that an average call out rate for a well-maintained lift should be three per year. The lift had apparently dropped only the day before the incident and was allegedly repaired by ThyssenKrup. There were also occasions when the lift was simply reset by Holmes Place staff rather than calling out ThyssenKrup. However, the Prosecution argued that the numerous problems were a clear indication that the lift should have been taken out of use until the cause of the problems was established, and had this been the case Ms Woja’s death would not have occurred. Holmes Place was also ordered to pay costs of £170k and ThyssenKrup costs of £205k.