ECB decision amending ECB rules of procedure to reflect SSM

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a decision which amends its rules of procedure. The amended rules reflect changes to the ECB’s governance and operations that are required as a consequence of its supervisory role under the single supervisory mechanism (SSM). The decision contains provisions relating to the:

  • SSM's supervisory board, including its composition, voting procedures and the code of conduct for supervisory board members;
  • adoption of decisions by the ECB for the purpose of its role under the SSM;
  • separation of the ECB's monetary and supervisory roles; and
  • establishment of an audit committee for the ECB.

View Decision of the European Central Bank of 22 January 2014 amending Decision ECB/2004/2 of 19 February 2004 adopting the Rules of Procedure of the European Central Bank, 24 January 2014

Sixth issue of ESRB risk dashboard

The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) has published the sixth issue of its risk dashboard. The dashboard is a set of quantitative and qualitative indicators used to identify and measure systemic risk in the EU financial system which is updated and revised on a regular basis. The cut-off date for the purpose of this dashboard was 16 December 2013. This dashboard includes two annexes, namely:

  • annex 1 which describes the methodology used to compile the indicators; and
  • annex 2 which provides a description of the indicators used in the risk dashboard, as well as the information it provides from a systemic risk perspective.

The ESRB has also published an overview of the dashboard that provides:

  • a broad summary of the current risks and vulnerabilities of the current dashboard; and
  • summarises the position relating to financial markets, banks and credit supply.

View ESRB risk dashboard, 16 December 2013

View Annex I to the risk dashboard - indicators methodology, 28 January 2014

View Annex II to the risk dashboard - description of the indicators, 28 January 2014

View The ESRB risk dashboard: an overview, 21 January 2014