EU launches major consumer law review: EU DG Justice has published a roadmap for review of six key consumer law directives including those on unfair commercial practices, price indications, unfair contract terms and sale of goods and associated guarantees. The stated intention is for the review to be completed by mid-2017 raising the prospect of further change in these business critical areas. View >

CMA respond on pricing practices: The Competition and Markets Authority have responded to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute consultation on a revised pricing practices guide. The short response advises businesses to interpret the guide in a holistic way considering the average consumer, rather than adopting a formulaic approach. It also indicates that CMA reserves the right to investigate pricing practices, even where the guide has been followed.View >

EU smarter rules for safer food proposals: DEFRA have issued a policy paper on UK implementation of the EU smarter rules for safer food proposals, setting out likely timescales and confirming that the Food Standards Agency will be taking forward the ‘official controls’ element which includes cost recovery provisions. View >

Food pressure groups continue to call for action: Ahead of publication of the Obesity strategy, the British Heart Foundation has called for a 9.00pm watershed for TV advertising of high fat, salt, sugar foods. View >  Sustain has highlighted the House of Lords debate on the merits of a tax on sugary drinks. View >

EU technical regulation:

  • Import of groundnuts from Brazil and nutmeg from Indonesia and India. 2016/24 >
  • Recommendation on ethyl carbamate contamination of stone fruit spirits. 2016/22 >
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates under REACH. 2016/26 >