On April 2, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office solicits public comment for the “Employment Invention Regulations(draft)” reported by the State Intellectual Property Office and Ministry of Science & Technology for consideration.

According to report, the draft has a total of seven chapters and forty-four articles, making provisions of duty invention system in many aspects such as the right of ownership of the invention, the invention report and application for Intellectual Property, reward and remuneration for inventors, implementation,supervision and inspection and legal responsibility of promoting employment invention Intellectual Property.

It is understood that the employment invention system is the basic system of adjusting its right of ownership and interests distribution, which is directly related to the initiative of technology innovation and transformation by technologists and their units. The State Intellectual Property Office jointly launched the drafting of the regulations with relevant authorities like the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2010, on the basis of in-depth investigation, public opinions and repeated demonstration, the " Employment Invention Regulations(draft)" is formed and submitted to the State Council for consideration.

According to the notice in the website of State Council Legislative Affairs Office, the relevant units and communities can make comments by logging China Legislative Information Net, letters or e-mails before May 2, 2015.