In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Christchurch during March 2019, the Australian government created the Taskforce to Combat Terrorist and Extremely Violent Material Online (Taskforce). The Taskforce's objective is to advise the Government and industry leaders on preventing and combatting the dissemination of violent or terrorist-related content online. In June 2019 the Taskforce released a report containing recommended actions for digital platforms to assist in prevention and control of dangerous content. The following recommendations, among others, were put forward in the report:

  • Proactive technical interventions to prevent the material being uploaded
  • Enhanced moderation that identify the material on their services
  • Live-streaming controls
  • Industry and Government collaboration
  • Content-blocking requirements
  • The establishment of an emergency response network
  • Periodic reporting on the implementation of Taskforce recommendations

The Report also provided that the recommendations won't apply to digital content which is taken and distributed by innocent bystanders, produced by news organizations or journalists for reasonable and legitimate journalistic purposes, intended to raise awareness about human rights, discrimination or terrorism, a reasonable expression of protest, political dissent or contemporary social commentary, or produced, uploaded or shared for various legitimate purposes.

The Taskforce's entire report is available to download here.