A recent change to the Portuguese Communications Law (enacted by Law no. 42/2013, of 3 July 2013) establishes that network and service providers shall only have the obligation to bar access to audio-text services and to the following SMS and MMS-based value-added services ("VAS"):

(i) Services consisting of more than one message or of periodic messages; or

(ii) services with erotic or sexual content.

Users must request the network or service provider to lift the blocking of these VAS and to bar other active VAS now accessible by default. Providers must attend these requests? within 24 hours, with no additional charge.

These new rules come to effect on 17 August 2013 but since 3 July 2013 providers must inform subscribers of the new rules and particularly that they must request the barring of access to any additional VAS that from now on will become accessible by default.