The European Commission has published a special edition of Single Market News. The newsletter looks at the progress that has been made in building the EU's Single Market since its launch fifteen years ago. The articles in the newsletter are:

  • The Road to 1992.
  • 15 years of the Single Market.
  • Barriers disappear to cross-border trade in goods.
  • Public procurement markets open up to cross border bidding.
  • 'From Common Market to Single Market' - viewpoint from Malcolm Harbour MEP.
  • Company law changes to support cross border business.
  • Accounting and auditing rules redefined for the global marketplace.
  • Corporate governance rules adjust to modern times.
  • Trade marks and patents to support innovation.
  • Preparing copyright rules for the internet age.
  • Living and working abroad: Recognition of qualifications.
  • Boosting cross border services.
  • 15 years of reform to prepare the EU internal postal market.
  • Towards the Single Financial Market. 
  • single euro payments area is now in sight.
  • Countering cross border financial crime.

View European Commission Single Market newsletter, 9 October 2007