The Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) has in place a financial reward scheme (Reward Scheme) offering rewards of up to S$120,000for information relating to competition infringements. Under the Reward Scheme, informants providing information relating to the three main prohibited activities under the Competition Act (Cap 50B) namely, anti-competitive agreements (section 34 prohibition), abuse of dominant position (section 47 prohibition) and mergers and acquisitions that substantially lessen competition (section 54 prohibition), will be eligible for financial rewards upon the issuance of an infringement decision by the CCS. The CCS has indicated that the Reward Scheme is particularly targeted at offering rewards for information relating to cartel activity (i.e. the section 34 prohibition).

The Reward Scheme forms the growing arsenal of enforcement initiatives alongside the leniency scheme that the CCS has in uncovering competition infringements in Singapore. Unlike the leniency scheme which allows organizations or individuals to come clean on their anti-competitive activities in exchange for penalty reductions, the Reward Scheme acts as a financially rewarding whistle-blowing initiative for individuals (and possibly employees who did not initiate nor are directly involved in the infringing activity) who are privy to anti-competitive activities. The Reward Scheme looks likely to aid the CCS in uncovering competition violations that would otherwise have been undetected.