As the Immigration Rules tighten, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses which may require migrant workers to ensure they maintain their sponsor licence.  It is essential that businesses ensure, amongst other things, that their HR systems are robust enough to meet their duties and obligations as a sponsor, and that they are meeting their statutory Prevention of Illegal Working obligations. 

Sponsor licences last for four years. If a business wishes to continue to sponsor new and existing migrants, the sponsor licence will need to be renewed in advance of the expiry of the existing licence. 

Penningtons has been advised that the Home Office is increasing compliance visits to existing sponsors and that more unannounced visits are expected. We therefore remind all sponsors to be vigilant in meeting their sponsor duties and also to ensure appropriate right to work checks are being undertaken on all new employees.  If the Home Office discovers that a sponsor is not fulfilling their duties during a visit, the sponsor’s licence can be suspended, down-graded, or even mandatorily revoked in certain circumstances.

Penningtons' immigration team has an outstanding track record of assisting sponsors in maintaining sponsor licences, risk management and helping sponsors who have had their licences suspended or revoked.  We are highly knowledgeable about the sponsor licence system and will work quickly, discreetly and effectively to assess the situation and mitigate damage.