Last week, the Senate did not convene committee meetings or floor time in observance of Passover and Easter. The House, however, met in committees and on the floor on both Wednesday and Thursday. Significant legislation was debated and passed during these two days, including the H.B. 7095 by Rep. Rob Schenck, which bans physician dispensing of Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substances. The bill was passed on the floor with little debate and on a near-unanimous vote. The House also passed H.B. 1355 by Rep. Dennis Baxley, a sweeping elections reform bill, along a party-line vote. The reforms in the bill include registration of third-party voter registration organizations, prohibition of address changes at the polling place under a regular ballot, and reduction of the validity of initiative petition signatures from four years to two years. Finally, the House passed H.B. 7129 by Rep. Ritch Workman along a near party-line vote. The bill substantially revises the state's growth-management process by eliminating state concurrency requirements for transportation, schools, and parks and creating a quicker process for state review of comprehensive plan amendments.